Anuradha Naimpally


Anuradha Naimpally: Work Samples 2016-2018
Photo credits: Sadu Bajekal, Ashok Bagade Video edits: Nicholas Trice



A powerful and mesmerizing soloist, Anuradha offers three types of performance for diverse audiences, settings, and events. She seamlessly preserves traditional Indian culture while simultaneously making it accessible, immersive, and enjoyable for Western audiences. Her versatility allows her to connect with a wide array of people with her animated descriptions, demonstrations, and explanations.


Traditional performance includes repertoire from the Bharata Natyam style. Although the dances reflect an ancient Indian ethos and utilize specific vocabulary and themes, Anuradha’s approach is to emphasize the universal appeal of even the most traditional piece. She has choreographed numerous traditional dances which are included in this type of presentation.

Contemporary performance stretches the boundaries of movement vocabulary, language, themes, and music. Anuradha has choreographed and presented several pieces that express themes such as Sustainable Development, Gender Equality, and historical figures.

Arts in Education Moving Myths of India is an interactive, educational program offered to schools, libraries, and museums in which Anuradha relates ancient stories from Indian mythology through spoken word and dance. Beginning with an explanation of cultural and historical background, the performance proceeds with teaching of traditional hand symbols, and clapping rhythms. 



From my perspective, Anu Naimpally is a master of her art form and the Indian community in Austin, the State of Texas, and the United States deserves to have one of its premiere artists be supported and featured.


/ Albert Cantara, PhD /



I have known Anuradha’s work within the Austin dance community for many years and have seen her dedication to the art form take dance visibility and historical significance in the city to another level...


...With passion and always a sense of honor, Anuradha has presented extraordinary full length productions and solo works that have challenged, celebrated, promoted and noted our unique community and her unique talent unlike any other.

I’m reminded of the 1980’s when the city was known as one of the leaders of modern dance exploration and support in the nation. There was a brave tenacious fearlessness that guided our decisions and our dance making.  That fearlessness is alive yet grounded in tradition with Anu.  She’s a true leader in the community and I look forward to her continuing impact on all of us.


/ Acia Gray, Co-founder of Tapestry Dance Company and Inductee of Austin Arts Hall of Fame /